Tuesday, May 31, 2011


       This is really awesome!If you've played portal this is a must watch for you! I happily spent my 8 minutes of my life for something this awesome.Click play and lean back! Hope you enjoy the video.

A useful How-to

                Today, I want to share this useful information with you.I've tried it on different elevators and some results were quite positive!Though it can be useful for you but it sure makes the ones waiting for elevator mad.So I suggest you to use this in case of emergency.Hope you like it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

You won't believe the fact that this photo is a real thing!

                                                                             Again while just doing nothing and browsing, I found this strange photo.At first I didn't believe it's a photo but when I read the explanation, I had to accept the fact that it's real thing.This dragon shaped thing is a river around Portugal! And you may still have suspicions but take a look at this map! http://tinyurl.com/dragonshapedriver Hope you like the photo!

Ocarina of Sorrow

                   Hello everyone! I found this on the youtube.That ocarina's sound is very relaxing and made me want to buy an ocarina.Any ideas how to get them? I'm sure the music shop at the next corner doesn't have something like this.Hope you enjoy the music!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Legos, Nothing is impossible!

 I wish I had had legos like those when I was a kid.By the way, creativity used here surprised me.If you like legos or creative people, it's a must watch for you! Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the music I like!

   Hi everybody! Before my boring articles, I wanted to share this awesome song from Amorphis.The Best Atmospheric Metal band ever I think.Listen and comment! Hope you enjoy this epic song!
  BTW, If there's demand I can make a short introduction of Amorphis!

I want to know your thoughts, too!

           Before I write an article about religion.I want to know what you think about it.
     Answer and comment!
      -Is being a believer human right? I mean if a person want to be slave, is it his or her freewill? Can we consider this as freedom of one's own? And you will say things like '' Hey, There's nothing in common in religion and slavery.'' But I came from a religious family and I know some of rules of religion make you do things you don't want to.It's some kinda slavery.

A video worth watching

  Morning everybody!Today I'm not in the best mood for writing so I'm sharing this video which I found worth watching.But I'll post a thread about my thoughts on religion or other notions very soon.I hope you enjoy the video!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is the first thread about my thoughts!

                  Today, as I guessed, was another day in vain.I spent most of my time browsing on the web.As I keep getting nearer to my end, are days like those normal?Now I'm about to sleep and thinking about today, it gave me nothing.I gained nothing.But do people really have to gain something from a day? Isn't Just being entertained enough?What should we expect from a day?As these question keep getting on my head, my eyes are seeking for black void of sleep.I think I should rest for a while.

This is the first thread!

              First, let me introduce myself.I'm a student from a college you-never-would-want-to-know and living somewhere on universe.
               After that long introduction, I can hear you asking ''what's your purpose?''.The answer is my friend.He has a blog which he posts his personal thoughts about everything and he has lots of followers which made me want to create my very own blog.
                So from now on I'll be trying to post my thoughts about everything.Hope you enjoy it.